In today’s value based healthcare you need patients to actively participate in their own care in order to meet your objectives. So how do you motivate patients and their families to take a more active role?

Studies have shown that patient experience has a high impact on engagement and participation levels which have been directly linked to satisfaction levels and outcomes. When the patient feels like their providers are more engaged and concerned about their care they are more likely to complete tasks that are given to them that helps them avoid complications and speed up their recovery.

With miTRAX we don’t change your proven protocols, but we automate the way they are delivered and tracked to increase consistency, efficiency, and scalability

  • Delivery of targeted information and instructions to patients using the provider’s proven protocols and timeline expectations
  • Monitoring and reporting patient progress while keeping them engaged and prepared to manage most of their own preparation and in-home recovery activities
  • Access to valuable real-time provider and patient data to stimulate dual responsibility for the patient experience and outcome
  • The collection and reporting of patient reported outcome surveys to meet current mandates and to help better manage your organization


Improve engagement, education, and empowerment to keep your patients prepared, compliant, and healthy



Learn specifically how miTRAX helps improve patient engagement and participation

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