The American Joint Replacement Registry recently published a guide on their new level 3 patient-reported outcome platform and how to use it to capture data, according to a press release.

The patient-reported outcome (PRO) platform was developed within the American Joint Replacement Registry’s (AJRR) Demand Reporting & Electronic Dashboard system. Clinical staff can reportedly manage PRO surveys electronically through a secure patient portal while accessing patient data. Site-specific patient reports and summary results can also be pulled by the AJRR Dashboard system for each PRO measure supported on the system.

Several tables that summarize PRO measures collected by the AJRR will be featured in the guide, as well as the specific measures recommended, the release noted. These measures include a list of questions hospital staff might ask before beginning a program, workflow diagrams that show how data could be submitted into the registry and a section devoted to lessons learned from the participants. According to the release, there is no additional cost for using the level 3 platform.

“PROs are becoming more and more important to health care, as the federal government continues to emphasize their use with programs and quality initiatives,” Daniel J. Berry, MD, chair of the AJRR board of directors, said in the press release. “We want to ensure that our platform is relevant to practicing physicians, and that they are getting the most out of what we have to offer. Our new guide is perfect for pointing institutions in the right direction when forming a program and helping hospitals that already collect PROs to adjust in a way that makes data submission simpler.”

Orthopedics Today
by Casey Tingle