Healthcare in the US is in a state of evolution. The key challenges healthcare providers face include:

  • Addressing the costs of providing care
  • Transitioning to value based care
  • Adapting to a realigned market
  • Achieving Scale
  • Managing regulatory & risk

In most other industries when faced with the challenges of accomplishing more with less without compromising quality have turned to customer empowerment solutions. Today it’s commonplace to do your own banking, check yourself in at the airport and out at many stores.

The reality is that it’s going to take more than cost cutting to solve today’s healthcare challenges. It’s going to take a paradigm shift in the way healthcare is delivered. Patient engagement, education, and empowerment are at the core of these new models.

With miTRAX you are better prepared to detect early signs of trouble and to allow recovery and rehabilitation to occur closer to home. In the new healthcare economy you are going to have to incorporate Do-It-Yourself tools into your efforts to engage patients and effect outcomes. miTRAX provides quantifiable data that is automatically captured and tracked over the continuum of care to support the new outcomes based reimbursement models. There also is a shift occurring where physicians are being forced to relinquish some direct control in exchange for useful real-time data and patients are required to actively participate in the reporting process.

miTRAX is designed to be easy to use, delivers targeted information on a schedule, and monitors, tracks, and reports patients progress to keep them prepared, compliant, and healthy. When you automate these processes with miTRAX they become consistent, efficient, and scalable.

miTRAX fills a gap and meets a need that exists today and that is growing to provide increasing levels of care all the while controlling operational costs.


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